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Drilling Technology

This module familiarizes trainees who have little information or training in the oil and gas drilling operations.  It provides the participants an extensive overview of the processes as well as the technology applied during the implementation of drillings.

Hydrogen Sulfide Safety

This module enhances the awareness of the participants who, at any given time, may be exposed to Hydrogen Sulfide (H2S), one of the industry's most dangerous elements.  The participants will be oriented on the safety precuations and procedures when dealing with this deadly gas.


This part of the training will also teach the participants on how to use the Self-Contained Breathing Apparatus (SCBA) unit.  

Safety Officer Training

This module is made in line with the guidelines prescribed by the safety and training planners who continuously place high value on results and innovation.   This module will instill in our participants the value of adhering to the core elements essential to the safety of the industries' people and equipment.  This module will prepare the participants for almost any operating environment at almost all sites.

First Aid Training

This module gives emphasis on the most common types of injuries experienced in the field.  Demonstrations and trainee participation revolves around the proper application of first aid to specific injuries.

The sea survival training will give you the essential practical skills and theoretical knowledge of survival at sea to react effectively to an emergency with or without a life raft.  This includes an invaluable practical session in a swimming pool or in an open sea, wherever it is applicable.

This module is designed to provide participants with a basic orientation of rig operations and safe work practices to improve their safety performance and to assist in satisfying industry regulations and recommended practices. 

Rig Pass Orientation